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The Rise and Fall of Confidentialaccess - March 2016
Quote:CA Says: Lord Prescott is a cunt he's the one that gave the Met Police an open cheque book to bring us to our knees. Yes they played with Jason for 10+ years then he told them to go fuck themselves and moved to Russia and that's why CA is back  Big Grin And Prescott you Dog it only worked for a decade+ Fuck you and hope you die an agonising death alonf with all the corrupt Freemason Judges you employed!!!

Back in 2002, a website popped up on the internet going by the name of The websites owners, Jason Place & Gary Wilson, were basically offering their customers to completely rebuild their credit rating (even if bankrupt). They were even selling full identity packages which enabled them to get a UK mortgage with a completely new identity, with a whole range of payslips, bank statements, utility bills, insurance certificates + many more. The whole premise of this shady offering, was that the customer had to agree to send CA 2 grand back from the deal, or they would ruin that particular customers credit, virtually overnight. They even had a forum on their website were potential fraudstars could exchange ideas and help each other out, de-frauding banks and other such entities.
They also offered a service they called “virtual employment”. Basically they would provide the customer with a range of Payslips and varies other documents, which would backup a persons employment history completely. CA even had phone numbers in place, where an employer could verify that the potential employee actually did work for them.
Another service they offered (perhaps the shadiest of all) was ruining a persons credit file, virtually overnight. It was cheap at £20. Ruin your enemies credit for £20 a pop was incredibly vindictive. Apparently, they even destroyed the credit file of a senior police officer, who was investigating them. Their “you can’t touch us” attitude was to be their downfall. The problem was that CA genuinely believed they where above the law. They would regularly taunt and mock the police and banks openly on their website, madness!
After all of CA’s shenanigans, shit hit the fan in May of 2008. Senior UK police officials where able to seize the company’s data server from Hong Kong with the help of the local Chinese security officials. The website immediately ceased to function and everyone knew they had been busted, big time! But literally, a month or two later, the website returned offering digital templates for sale and even some downloads for free. Gary Wilson was bragging on the site about how he had sold products to certain high profile MP’s and that CA would be acquitted from any wrong doings. Wilson was wrong, very wrong.

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